Thank You!

Thank you so much for visiting this blog, it amazes me everyday that people visit my little site and read what I have written.

I haven’t added anything new for the last two years because I have been preoccupied with other things and I haven’t been able to make time to put enough energy into this blog.
This has also been the same with my other blog so I have decided to amalgamate the two and create a place where I can talk about all my passions at the same time.
Both blogs will remain online as each post is a part of me I don’t want to lose.

If you are interested in following please visit my page on Facebook where I will talk about my obsession with knitting alongside my other loves, frustrations and everything in between.

Thank You!


Tandem Parachute Jump

In Relief I shared that my family had clubbed together to give me the chance to go on a tandem parachute jump for my 30th birthday.

Well last month I did it!

It was an amazing experience & one I am so grateful I had the chance to do.

I was surprised at how relaxed I felt in the plane going up. I also expected to feel a sense of panic as I was knelt at the door of the plane looking out ready to jump, but I didn’t.

The jump

Once I jumped fell out the plane the rush of air filled my lungs to the point that I wondered how I’d ever breathe out again! Thankfully we were briefed about this & told that the best way to empty your lungs is to scream, so I obliged.

The 40 second free fall felt like an eternity as my instructor & I plummeted towards the earth at over 100mph, my screams lost in the roar of the air as it rushed past.

Once the parachute was released we jolted into the upright position & I had a chance to get my breath back & take in the view. My instructor gave me the opportunity to fly the parachute for part of the way down too.

Once on the ground I was shaking but very happy.

My instructor was brilliant & talked me through everything whilst going up in the plane & down once the chute was open & we could actually hear each other!
I was also lucky enough to have the whole experience videoed so I have that & pictures of the jump to savour the memory.

I’m not sure if I would do it again, the shock & panic of not knowing how to breathe for a few seconds has put me off a little but having said that I know fully what to expect now so can be better prepared if I do ever do it again.

Thank you!!

Thank you to all my family for pitching in. It was an awesome experience & a memory I shall not forget!!
Thank you also to Chris Lynch my instructor & Simon Hughes for taking the photos & video.

A few pics…

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Why I’ve been so quiet

The first half of this year has gone by so quickly. I feel like so much has happened that I could really do with the rest of the year slowing down & chilling out.

I have missed writing my blog & I’m trying to get back in the swing of writing on a regular basis.

Since changing job my head has been so full of everything I’m having to learn that once I get home all I’ve wanted to do is relax & sleep!

The company I now work for is called Memralife Group (which I appreciate in itself doesn’t sound overly exciting!) however it is exciting because Memralife oversees 7 other companies/charities Spring HarvestSpring Harvest HolidaysElevationEssential ChristianEssential Event ManagementICC Duplication & Song Solutions.

I work in the marketing department as the marketing coordinator which means I get to work with all the above companies when marketing is required.
I am really enjoying my new job so far & it makes great use of my organisational skills & list making!

Most importantly the team I work with are all lovely & I’ve been made to feel so welcome it feels like I’ve been there a lot longer than 4 months.

Because work is taking up so much more of my brain than it was before I’m not sure how often I will be able to write but I will endeavour to.

I have loads more to share about my passions as well as more personal adventures.

An Update

Firstly I would like to apologise for the silence over the last few weeks.
I am still processing Joeys death & I haven’t really wanted to write anything.
I have also been away for work so I haven’t had the opportunity to share anything.
Since getting back I have been thinking about writing again so I am starting here with an update.
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Soul Mates

Me & My Girls

I have never thought that I would find my soul mate & spend the rest of my life with them.

I don’t believe that there is someone out there for everyone, certainly not a “perfect match”. But… I do believe in soul mates.

For me a soul mate is someone you have spent a great deal of time with, someone who you know & who knows you intimately, someone you love deeply.
For me, in my marriage, I am loving the depth of life that I share with my husband & the longer we are together, the more we experience of each other, the more we build our relationship as soul mates.

I believe that becoming a soul mate is a journey that you take with the other person. We’re not miraculously created to be someone else’s soul mate. It’s not pot luck as to whether we find them in our lifetime or not.
We choose to be with them & we work hard at it.

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Knitting: My Chunky Cascading Cardigan

Recently my in-laws gifted me some lovely chunky wool with which I immediately wanted to knit myself something to wear! They gave me 600g so I sat down & tried to work out how far this would go & what I could make. At the moment I really like this style of cardigans & shawl vests:

I wanted to create one for myself in the same wool. So I spent some time drawing out my plan, measuring & creating a pattern. Once I was happy with it I started to knit. As the wool was so chunky & I was so eager to see how it would turn out it only took a couple of evenings to knit up & I love it! Here is the pattern should you wish to knit yourself one:

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Life Is Unfair

I have shared this link on Facebook before so for all those who have read this article already I am sorry to be repeating myself.

I follow a blog called My Make Do & Mend Year.
Jen, who writes this blog started it because she challenged herself to go a year without buying anything new.
That year has passed & she was successful. She now continues to challenge herself in this way as well as promoting her way of living & challenging others to change the way they live in a consumer driven world.

She recently posted a link on her Facebook page which I wanted to share.

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Help the homeless


Occasionally when I’m out shopping in town I may notice a homeless person on the street.
It’s not a common occurrence & when it does happen I feel a pang of guilt that I am not able to help more than buy them a hot drink or something to eat.

This week I have come across an article in The Independent about a new service called StreetLink which aims to help people support & find help for the homeless people they see in their local area.

I wanted to spread the news about this service so please click here to read my post on my work blog about it.

It is really simple to use & even has an app for your smartphone so please tell everyone you know about SmartLink & help the community to band together & support those who need it.

StreetLink Phone

What to knit now?!

Over Christmas I knitted a few items for people & a couple of bits for myself which I have now finished.
Well, that is except for my blanket which I think is going to end up costing me a small fortune as the price of the wool I’m using has gone up so I’m currently trying to source it cheaper elsewhere. That project is currently waiting patiently in a bag.

I haven’t done any knitting for a while as I couldn’t decide what to knit next & B & I have been decorating our bedroom for round 2 of trying to sell our house. (More of that I’m sure as the year goes on!)

I decided that as much as buying new wool is always a pleasure I ought to take a look through my ever growing stash & knit with what I have.

I remembered I had 3 different colours of Araucania Ranco yarn left over from knitting various shawls as presents last year. I love the colours & they go well together so I have chosen them to work with.

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