Tandem Parachute Jump

In Relief I shared that my family had clubbed together to give me the chance to go on a tandem parachute jump for my 30th birthday.

Well last month I did it!

It was an amazing experience & one I am so grateful I had the chance to do.

I was surprised at how relaxed I felt in the plane going up. I also expected to feel a sense of panic as I was knelt at the door of the plane looking out ready to jump, but I didn’t.

The jump

Once I jumped fell out the plane the rush of air filled my lungs to the point that I wondered how I’d ever breathe out again! Thankfully we were briefed about this & told that the best way to empty your lungs is to scream, so I obliged.

The 40 second free fall felt like an eternity as my instructor & I plummeted towards the earth at over 100mph, my screams lost in the roar of the air as it rushed past.

Once the parachute was released we jolted into the upright position & I had a chance to get my breath back & take in the view. My instructor gave me the opportunity to fly the parachute for part of the way down too.

Once on the ground I was shaking but very happy.

My instructor was brilliant & talked me through everything whilst going up in the plane & down once the chute was open & we could actually hear each other!
I was also lucky enough to have the whole experience videoed so I have that & pictures of the jump to savour the memory.

I’m not sure if I would do it again, the shock & panic of not knowing how to breathe for a few seconds has put me off a little but having said that I know fully what to expect now so can be better prepared if I do ever do it again.

Thank you!!

Thank you to all my family for pitching in. It was an awesome experience & a memory I shall not forget!!
Thank you also to Chris Lynch my instructor & Simon Hughes for taking the photos & video.

A few pics…

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