An Update

Firstly I would like to apologise for the silence over the last few weeks.
I am still processing Joeys death & I haven’t really wanted to write anything.
I have also been away for work so I haven’t had the opportunity to share anything.
Since getting back I have been thinking about writing again so I am starting here with an update.

I have been at my new work place for 5 weeks now. I have enjoyed meeting new people & getting to grips with my new responsibilities.
Last week I was at our main event of the year.
I will explain more about my new job in another post but for now please know I am glad that I made the move &, although I am now exhausted after helping to run the event, I am happy.

While I was at our main event I came across a book that I am hoping will help me to process the grief that I am feeling. I didn’t deal with it very well while I was away with work last week, I reverted back to my old habit of boxing up difficult feelings & trying to carry on with my life.
I knew I was doing it & I allowed it to happen so I could carry on with what was required of me.
When I got home I cried my eyes out in B’s arms, I felt so relieved to have finally let go of the emotion that had been building up all week.
The book is called “Good Grief: Living Through Loss” by Ems Hancock. She also did a seminar at our event last week which I was unable to attend but I have a recording of it which I plan on listening to alongside reading the book.
I have high hopes that it will be a great help.
At the moment I just want to stop hurting but I know that it’s not something that will go away quickly.

Over the last few weeks B & I have also decided that it is time we put the flat on the market again.
There was a period of time when I know I was probably delaying it because I couldn’t bear to go through that emotional roller coaster again! I know I have no guarantee that it will be any easier but I trust in God that the timing is right & we will be able to move this year before Small starts school in September.

I would like to take this moment to also thank you for reading my blog.
Writing is therapeutic for me & helps me to process what is going on in my life good & bad.
This blog is also a place where I have enjoyed sharing my passions, interests & recipes as well as my faith & struggles.
When I started this blog I felt like I was shouting in the wind but as I have gained more followers I feel like I am sharing my life with friends.
Thank you for listening to me moan, think allowed, grieve & laugh.


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