Soul Mates

Me & My Girls

I have never thought that I would find my soul mate & spend the rest of my life with them.

I don’t believe that there is someone out there for everyone, certainly not a “perfect match”. But… I do believe in soul mates.

For me a soul mate is someone you have spent a great deal of time with, someone who you know & who knows you intimately, someone you love deeply.
For me, in my marriage, I am loving the depth of life that I share with my husband & the longer we are together, the more we experience of each other, the more we build our relationship as soul mates.

I believe that becoming a soul mate is a journey that you take with the other person. We’re not miraculously created to be someone else’s soul mate. It’s not pot luck as to whether we find them in our lifetime or not.
We choose to be with them & we work hard at it.

The tag ‘soul mate’ is often used to describe romantic partners but I have recently realised that they can come in many other guises too.
I have realised this too late for one such person.

When I started secondary school I made friends quite quickly with two other girls. We quickly formed a close friendship & I think it’s fair to say that we made a pretty good team. We were always there for each other & looked out for one another. As we worked our way through life, at all it threw at the three of us, we remained close friends.
As often happens once you leave school we saw less & less of each other but our friendship still remained. When we did meet up it was as though time hadn’t passed, we felt at ease with each other & our closeness always remained.
In 2008 we started to spend more time with each other as I asked them to be bridesmaids at my wedding & in 2009 they were. Having them both there on my big day was so special.

One of these amazing friends was Joey & as you know she lost her fight with cancer this year. (See Good News/Bad News) I can only hope that she knew just how much she meant to me, how special she was & how much she helped me to grow as a person, feel safe & loved. I wish I could be certain that she understood that I believe we had grown to be soul mates.
But this isn’t just about Joey, my other friend Ella is just as much a soul mate to me as Joey was. She has been with me through it all too & is just as wonderful & precious to me as Joey was.
I have tried to explain this to her but I think I may have failed at expressing just how much she means to me & I hope that through reading this she may come to understand.

We are all on a journey through life & we all have people walking it with us. We shouldn’t have to wait to lose one of those people before we realise how much they mean to us. If you know someone is your soul mate, or you are on a journey with someone becoming soul mates then tell them.
If you love someone deeply as a friend, a sister, a brother or romantically then tell them. Don’t wait, don’t put it off, don’t think that you have tomorrow because one day you won’t & then you’ll be left wondering if they knew just how much they meant to you.

Life happens with or without you, own the bit you get to live.


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