Knitting: My Chunky Cascading Cardigan

Recently my in-laws gifted me some lovely chunky wool with which I immediately wanted to knit myself something to wear! They gave me 600g so I sat down & tried to work out how far this would go & what I could make. At the moment I really like this style of cardigans & shawl vests:

I wanted to create one for myself in the same wool. So I spent some time drawing out my plan, measuring & creating a pattern. Once I was happy with it I started to knit. As the wool was so chunky & I was so eager to see how it would turn out it only took a couple of evenings to knit up & I love it! Here is the pattern should you wish to knit yourself one:

You will Need:

600g chunky yarn
Straight & circular knitting needles to suit your yarn
Darning needle
NB: I used 20mm straight needles & 15mm circular (because they were the biggest circulars I have).
The gauge of the yarn doesn’t really matter for this pattern as long as you have chosen chunky yarn.


STS = Stitches
K = Knit
P = Purl
BO = Bind Off
CO = Cast On
K2tog – Knit 2 stitches together


Main Body

1) Cast on 30 sts
2) Knit in stockinette stitch until the garment measures 15″ (ending with a WS row to begin the next stage on the RS)
3) K4, BO10, K16
4) P16, CO10, P4
5) Knit in stockinette unit the garment measures 20″ from the armhole (ending with a WS row to begin the next stage on the RS)
6) K4, BO10, K16
7) P16, CO10, P4
8) Knit in stockinette until the garment measures 15″ from the armhole
9) Bind off loosely


1) Pick up 24 sts from around the armhole
2) Knit 2 rows
3) K11, K2tog, K11
4) Knit 1 row
5) K11, K2tog, K10
6) Knit 1 row
7) K10, K2tog, K10
8) Knit 1 row
9) Purl 1 row
10) BO loosely
NB: The purl row at the end is to stop the sleeves from curling once knitted.

The final measurements are approximately 50″ wide (across front & shoulders) & 20″ long (from shoulder to waist).
This pattern is easily adjusted by casting on more stitches at the beginning to make it longer, by knitting more rows before the first armhole & after the second to make the cascading edges longer and/or knitting more rows for the sleeves to make them longer.

I am now on the look out for some really nice poppers to add so I can do up the front by popping the corners of each cascading side to the shoulders. This will create a nice cowl-like neck. As the wool is so chunky this cardi will only fit under one of my coats (& it only just about fits under that!) so I think this will end up being more of a coat for spring/summer or an indoors cardi in winter. Despite this I am happy with how this has turned out & have worn it a few times already 🙂 The problem now is that I would love to knit myself loads of these in different weights, if only I could knit faster!!


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