Life Is Unfair

I have shared this link on Facebook before so for all those who have read this article already I am sorry to be repeating myself.

I follow a blog called My Make Do & Mend Year.
Jen, who writes this blog started it because she challenged herself to go a year without buying anything new.
That year has passed & she was successful. She now continues to challenge herself in this way as well as promoting her way of living & challenging others to change the way they live in a consumer driven world.

She recently posted a link on her Facebook page which I wanted to share.

I would encourage you to read this article & watch the video, not because I want to shock or upset you but because we should be educated in where our ‘stuff’ comes from.
This article explains only a small part of that story but it will affect you (I hope) & remind you of how the clothes we buy are made.

I am not sharing this because I want you to change where you buy your clothes (though if you want to look further into the companies you buy from that is a bonus). My aim here is to make you think about the person behind your possessions.

PLEASE READ: 3 Wealthy Fashion Bloggers Experience The Reality Of Life In A SweatShop

Life is unfair.

Not everyone living in the western world can afford to buy ethically sourced food or clothing, let’s face it, those items are more expensive.
That doesn’t mean that they are bad people it just means that they are having to put themselves (& possibly their families) first.


Everyone deserves to know where their products come from & who makes them.
Everyone deserves to know that at the beginning of their products journey there might be someone who deserves a better life.
Everyone can make a noise & demand that action is taken.

Not everyone can afford to boycott companies but everyone can afford to raise their voices & demand change.

There are companies out there who need to start protecting, supporting & respecting the people they employ.


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