What to knit now?!

Over Christmas I knitted a few items for people & a couple of bits for myself which I have now finished.
Well, that is except for my blanket which I think is going to end up costing me a small fortune as the price of the wool I’m using has gone up so I’m currently trying to source it cheaper elsewhere. That project is currently waiting patiently in a bag.

I haven’t done any knitting for a while as I couldn’t decide what to knit next & B & I have been decorating our bedroom for round 2 of trying to sell our house. (More of that I’m sure as the year goes on!)

I decided that as much as buying new wool is always a pleasure I ought to take a look through my ever growing stash & knit with what I have.

I remembered I had 3 different colours of Araucania Ranco yarn left over from knitting various shawls as presents last year. I love the colours & they go well together so I have chosen them to work with.

As I have knitted a lot of things for other people over the years I have also decided to start knitting more for myself.
As much as I love the knitting process itself I also love the finished items so it will be nice to keep more of them.

I have been thinking about making more of my clothes (again hopefully I can write more about this as the year goes on) & I am hoping to get my sewing machine down from the loft to help with that but you can never have too many knitted items!

I have been looking through Ravelry & made a long list of patterns I’d like to try out but the one that I think would work best with Araucania Ranco is the Cap Sleeve Lattice Top.

Because I am quicker at the knit stitch rather than the purl I have decided to change the pattern slightly & knit it in the round.
Looking at the images of the top I have a feeling it may be a little shorter than I usually like so I am planning on holding it up once I have knitted what the pattern suggests for the main body & if it is not as long as I would like I will keep knitting until it is.

I have started knitting with shade 499, I will swap at some point in the middle to shade 1943 & then complete the lattice work with shade 2279. I should have enough from my stash to complete the whole top without spending any extra money which will be very satisfying.

I have nearly finished the rib at the bottom & am looking forward to starting the knit stitch & hopefully racing through the rest of the top. Ribbing always slows me down!

I will try & keep you updated as I go.


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