So turning 30 wasn’t quite as awful as my 29 year old self believed.

I had a wonderful day in Brighton mooching around shops & watching the windswept waves while I ate lunch.

My tattoo didn’t hurt as much as I thought, which means I’ve already started designing my next one! I am really pleased with how it’s turned out & can now tick that off my bucket list.

B took me to see Wicked in London which was AMAZING! I already knew the songs so had to stop myself singing along.

The next day we headed to my parent’s house to pick up Small. As we approached I could see lots of cars outside, when I went into the front room I was greeted with a “SURPRISE!!” from my entire family.

B had clearly worked very hard for my birthday as he had not only arranged this gathering but also my present which was from everyone. I was handed a red envelope & everyone watched me open it……..

My present was a Tandem Parachute Jump. I was soooo very happy & excited. This is another item on my bucket list so I felt very lucky to be able to tick two things off over the course of two days.

I need to book the jump & will probably choose sometime in spring/early summer so the weather is better.

My birthday was a complete roller coaster ride of emotions. I went from tears as the clock turned midnight, to the calm of being alone by the sea, to the adrenaline rush of getting my first tattoo, to the awe of seeing a live show, to the excitement at the prospect of jumping out of a plane!

By the end of it all I felt so loved by everyone.

Being 30’s not so bad after all.


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