Christmas Spirit

I have to admit to not yet feeling in the Christmas spirit.

We put our decorations up later this year as we were having some work done in the flat to fix last years water damage, but I don’t think that is the sole reason for my lack of Christmas cheer.

Today was my last day at work before the holidays so I’m hoping that once I submerge myself in wrapping presents & making the final foodie bits I will feel more in touch with the season.

A tradition of mine each year is to watch The Muppets Christmas Carol. It is one of my favourite films & I love to sing along too!
I have a feeling that my DVD of the film is somewhere at my parent’s house with our other boxes of stuff (from when we thought we were moving last year). Neither Netflix or Lovefilm have it online which is a let down BUT channel 4 has come to the rescue as they are showing it on 24th at 4:50pm. I will be Sky+ing it just incase I miss it otherwise this year really wouldn’t feel Christmassy!!

I hope that all of you are more in the mood than I am & have everything sorted (or are nearly there) for this years fun & frolics.

Christmas Lights

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