Knitted Blanket – Update

photo 2 50%

A sample of the squares I had knitted.

So… you remember that blanket I started in April? I was eager to have it ready to use once the weather got cold again.

Well the novelty of knitting squares & crocheting them together wore off & it has sat in a draw for at least 6 months!

I’ve thought about it a lot in those 6 months but couldn’t muster the urge to carry on with it. I have also been busy making presents & knitting other projects so it has been pushed to one side.

A few weeks ago I was thinking about it again & wishing I would carry on with it as I would love to have a cosy blanket for the winter but knowing that to knit each square & then crochet it all together would take me ages.

Then a brain wave hit.

I have decided to unravel all that I have knitted so far & start again. This time I have connected a couple of my circular needle cables together to make one very long length on which to knit so I can knit the entire blanket in one go.
I have started with a garter stitch border & then continued knitting a lace type stitch in the middle to add variety.

This has been much more fun to knit & I had forgotten how soft the Kiko wool is.
I also love how the 3 colours I had chosen fit so well together when knitted in this way rather than as squares.

All in all I think I will be much happier with the end result & because I am enjoying the process I think it may even be finished before the end of winter!

So, the moral of the story……

Always knit something you love otherwise it will never get finished.

Blanket Update


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