Faith: For King & Country “Run Wild”

Run Wild

This song is taken from For King & Country’s album called “Run Wild”.
Spotify suggested I listen to them & I’m glad it did.

This album is refreshing in the sense that it is not an obvious “christian” style of music.

I love this song because it reminds me of how far I have come in the last few years & how much freer I feel within myself.
My situation hasn’t changed but the way I think about things has.

“You’re a lion full of power who forgot how to roar
You’re an eagle full of beauty but you can’t seem to soar”

– We’re all the person we are meant to be, sometimes we just need a helping hand to believe it for ourselves & let it shine through.

“Are the walls to lock you in or to keep others away
And if the doors were to be opened would you leave or would you stay”

– Understanding myself better has meant I have realised that I locked bits of myself away rather than dealing with them which made them x100 worse.

“To every soul locked in a cage
In the prison of your past mistakes
No, there’s no time left to waste
Yeah, you can make your great escape”

– These lyrics remind me I’m not the only one & there is always a way out.

“Run wild, live free
Love strong, you & me”

– This is a great mantra for life

God is always there for us regardless of whether we think we need Him or not.
He loves to see us achieve personal growth & step closer to fully becoming the person He made us to be.



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