Music Is A Powerful Thing

I love music, it has always been the one thing that no matter how I’m feeling can lift me.
Over the years there have been many pieces of music that I have thrown my emotion into & it has helped me cope with whatever life throws at me.
Because I know how powerful music is in my life I have even gone to the extent of creating a playlist of songs to be played to me should I ever be unfortunate enough to fall into a coma!

Music has an uncanny ability to explain how you are feeling better than words ever could & for all of us there are pieces of music that can flash us back to past moments of our lives.

I have always thought that music has a power to unleash our inner selves but I didn’t understand just how powerful music can be until I saw a documentary called “Alive Inside: The story of music & memory”.

Alive Inside Poster

I would urge you all to watch this if you can, it is about one scientists desire to bring music into the lives of the elderly living with dementia in nursing homes across America.
Ben Cohen (said scientist) researches the effects that music has on those who have suffered memory loss or live with a mental illness.
He asks them or their family what their favourite music is, he uploads it onto an iPod & gives it to the them to listen to.
The difference it makes to their personalities & memory is vast as they are transported back to the moments in their lives that the music represents for them.

This video is a rough cut from the documentary & introduces us to one of the patients Henry. Please watch & see just how the music he is given connects with his inner self & ‘brings him back to life’.

If you are able to watch the whole documentary then I would encourage you to do so. (It is currently available on Netflix.)
It is a reminder that those who are being looked after in nursing homes are still human & need love & attention as much as we do.
Something as simple as giving them their favourite music to listen to can bring life back to their eyes & joy to their hearts.

Through sharing his research Ben has inspired others to take music to their own elderly relatives in nursing homes.
People are also able to help his research by donating to Music & Memory either my giving money or gifting an iPod.

Lets make this a revolution, it’s cheaper than current medication prescribed & better for the soul!


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