Knitting: Free Patterns


I know I have posted about using the website Ravelry a couple of times now but I thought I had explained it further on one of my pages here but I can’t find it.

Ravelry is one of my favourite places to go when I need knitting inspiration.
Sometimes I will use the patterns on there that have been listed by others & sometimes it will inspire me to create my own patterns.

Most recently it has been a great source for some knitted gifts as I mentioned in my last post Knitting: Shawls.
The designer of the patterns I used has now become one of my favourites & has inspired me to try & design my own shawls (when I can find a spare moment!)

In order to use Ravelry you do have to create an account but they rarely (if ever) send you any emails so I would say it is worthwhile.
Once your account has been created you can sign in & peruse the massive collection of patterns. Some are free & some are not but you are able to narrow down what you are after via the search filters available or browse through them all if you’re not sure what you want to knit.

There are also forums where you can delve into the knitting community, ask questions & make friends.

The great thing about Ravelry is the idea of sharing your patterns & once you have an account you can upload patterns that you have created either to sell or for people to download for free.

If you fancy a browse I have shared many of my favourite free patterns found on Ravelry & elsewhere here & I am constantly adding to it.

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