Knitting: Winter Hat 2014

Last year I posted about a winter hat I had knitted for myself.

Well this year I have knitted myself another.

I wouldn’t normally knit a hat every year but this year I have some beautiful Icelandic Alafoss Lopi wool.
I was given this wool by a friend of mine who was clearing out her stash.
As I only have a small amount of it I have used it to create smaller items such as the tablet covers on my Facebook page.

I have enjoyed knitting with this wool a lot & I really love the structure it has once knitted up.
I didn’t want to knit it all into items for other people so I designed a knitted winter hat just for me out of what I had left.

My favourite stitch of the moment is the raised stockinette stitch which I discovered when finding stitches to use for my Back To Basics knitting series.
I also wanted to include a pom pom because let’s face it winter hats ought to have one really! 😉

And here is the finished hat:

Winter Hat 2014

My favourite bit of it is the pom pom!

If you would like to knit yourself a hat like this then click here to see the pattern. If you don’t have Icelandic wool do not fear, as long as the wool you are using has the same gauge you’ll be fine.

I have worn it out a few times now & I have to say that the Icelandic wool is a fantastic wind-stop. My head has never been so cosy!!

I am now having to stop myself from ordering more Icelandic wool (it takes several weeks to be delivered) as i really want a knitted jacket as well.
Once I have knitted my way through my current wool stash I will allow myself to buy more otherwise my house will be completely overrun & B won’t be happy.


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