Kids Books: Pirate Pete’s Potty

Pirate Pete' Potty

We started potty training Small in March & I posted about our efforts here.
He has most definitely got the hang of it all now (although life is still too much fun occasionally to make it to the loo in time).

I am posting this now because I was reminded of a book we used to help explain to Small what his potty was for & how to use it.

Pirate Pete’s Potty is well illustrated & a cute little story of a boy going through the same changes as your child.

There is a button that goes through the book which enables your child to make a cheering noise as Pete goes through each stage.

I would recommend this book because it worked for us. Small could see the beginning, middle & end of the process he was about to start & it was explained in words he could understand.
(He especially like the cheering button!)

There is also a girl’s version of the book called Princess Polly’s Potty.
Although I don’t like the distinction of boys as blue & girls as pink the book does work well & let’s face it most boys like blue & most girls like pink!

Pirate Pete & Princess Polly


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