Recycled Pallet Window Box Part 2

Window Box

So the bottom of the pallet window box had me thinking.
The rest of the pallet wood was too thin to be nailed to the bottom so I was stuck for a while trying to think of a way to seal the bottom.

In the end i decided that I didn’t want to use wood as it would raise the window box up too high.
So… the end I took some sturdy cardboard, covered it in plastic & using my mum’s staple gun (thanks mum!) I stapled it to the bottom.
Taking the rest of the plastic I placed it into the window box & stapled it to the sides.
This means that the soil never actually touches the wood so it won’t warp from the moisture.

Next I potted up my succulents & venus fly trap.

I’m really pleased with the outcome.

I haven’t got round to varnishing the wood yet but as I’m a very impatient person I couldn’t wait to pot up my plants once I’d sorted out the bottom of the box.
I will varnish is eventually, just need to remember to buy varnish the next time I’m in B&Q!!



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