Recycled Pallet Window Box Part 1

Where I work we occasionally have deliveries on pallets & I have been trying to work out how to get one in my car to take home & get creative with.
I managed to fit one of the smaller ones in the other week & have had it taking up space in the flat while I find time to break it apart.


Starting to saw this one to pieces.

I have been wanting a window box in the kitchen window for a while now, so I am going to try & put one together using the pallet.

Window Box Slats

Ready for the next phase.

Once I had liberated the good slats from the rest of the pallet I took the measurements of the window & cut the wood to size.

Window Box

The slats cut to size & nailed into place.

The ‘extra’ bits of wood on the inside are part of the original pallet & are nailed in place. The pieces at the end have proved useful for stability & I have nailed the ends together here.

Window Box

The ‘finished’ window box

When I got to this stage I realised I hadn’t really thought through how I was going to create a bottom to the window box!
(I don’t tend to think these things through, I just make it up as I go!)

Having run out of time to finish it it’s now sitting in the cupboard while I work out that bit & buy some varnish to finish it off.


A note on using pallets:

You may have spotted from the pictures that there are some areas of mould appearing on the wood.
I am going to sand these areas down & if required use a bleach wash to clean the wood. Once I have finished I will then seal the whole window box with varnish.

NB: There have been warnings about using pallet wood in your homes see here for more information before you start to recycle pallets yourself. The website is American but still has some good points that can be carried over to the UK.


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