How To: Make T-Shirt Bags

Since making my t-shirt yarn I have become a little obsessed with what else I can make with t-shirts.

After making the yarn you are left with the upper section of the t-shirt which I didn’t want to waste so I set about googling what else I could create.
Pinterest became my new best friend for a day as I searched for inspiration!

Below are two tutorials the first is a little drawstring bag which I worked out how to make after finding a picture of it on Pinterest. The second I created myself.

Small Drawstring Bag

You will need:

A t-shirt (or just the sleeves)


A sewing machine

Step One:

Top Section of T-Shirt

Layout your t-shirt (or in my case the upper section of my t-shirt) & cut off a sleeve.

Step Two:

Sew Sleeve

Turn the sleeve inside out & sew along the bottom to create a pouch. I didn’t follow the line of the sleeve because I wanted to create a drawstring from the scrap piece see step 3.

Step Three:

Create Drawstring

From the scrap left cut a strip as shown (not too thin or it will fray). Unfold this strip & pull between your fingers making it curl to create a small piece of t-shirt yarn.

Step Four:

Cut hole in hem

Cut a hole in the hem of the sleeve & thread the t-shirt yarn through. Once threaded tie the ends together.

Step Five:

Finished Bag

Pull the drawstring to close & you have a finished bag made from just the sleeve of a t-shirt!

Small Shopping Bag

You will need:

A t-shirt



A sewing machine

Step One:

Pin Bottom

Cut off both sleeves so you are left with just the top section of the t-shirt. Turn inside out, pin & sew the bottom of the t-shirt.

Step Two:

Pin for handles

Place a pin on the side of the t-shirt to indicate where to stop sewing to create a sealed side & handles. Pinning before you sew also means you can make sure the handles are big enough to fit your hands through.

Step Three:

Finished Bag

To make the handles more obvious & (possibly) easier to hold I used some strips of t-shirt yarn to tie a bow at the top of each handle.

You can create different shaped bags by sewing the sides up differently.
For example:
If you wanted a more square bag sew further in the sides.
For a rounded bag sew a curved line for the sides & bottom in one go.


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