Back To Basics: Blanket Squares

Now that you have the basics of knitting sussed & a couple of small projects under your belt lets try something bigger.

Blankets can be easy to create but when using just one stitch can be a bit boring so……lets learn some new stitches while knitting squares to create an interesting blanket.

Over the next few weeks I will explain how to knit a new stitch to create a square. It is up to you to decide how many squares in each stitch you would like to make. Just remember the more squares you have the bigger your blanket will be.

Your homework today is to decide how big you want your finished blanket to be. Divide this measurement into as many squares as you like so that each square is the same size.

Choose some yarn for your blanket. Get creative & choose more than one colour. (You will need at least two colours for the first square next week.)

If you would rather start small then make a baby blanket or if you’re feeling more ambitious knit a blanket for your bed!

For sizing ideas take a look at the chart below:

Image taken from

Image taken from


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