Where I Stand: Invest In Yourself

I hope that what I have had to share so far in this series has been helpful to someone.
It has been a good way for me to process what I have learnt.
Therapy is definitely something that I would recommend to everyone.
It has done wonders for me, my life has opened up, I feel lighter, happier & more connected to myself.

I feel closer to my friends & family because I am now sharing more with them of who I am.

My view of myself has changed as I now see that I am not the only person who finds life hard.
I am not the only person who makes mistakes & I am certainly not the only person who has set the bar too high for myself!

I see myself as more of a human being finding my way in the wold rather than someone full of faults only making mistakes.

Yes seeing a therapist can be expensive & the cost was something I would remind myself of when I had doubts & didn’t want to go BUT in the end it felt like I was investing in myself.
As I began to change & see that therapy was working for me it was less of a worry because I knew that in the end I would be better for it.

Being able to confide my inner most thoughts & feelings has been so freeing.

I’m going to leave this series for a bit & focus on life & moving forward.
I may return with more insights as I learn more about myself.

Thank you for reading these posts, I was very nervous at first for revealing such personal things about myself but I have found it has helped me to move forward from where I was & be more vulnerable with others.

Who would have thought talking would be so good for you!


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