Back To Basics: Pot Holder Project

The pattern I have used for this pot holder can be found here.
I have spoken about Ravelry before as it is such a great place to find inspiration & I recommend it on my Helpful Websites page.

If you don’t have the correct yarn to hand then see if you are able to combine yarn you do have to create the correct gauge.
I have used two strands of yarn to meet the gauge required.

Once you have knitted up the pot holder & you get to the loop stage follow these pictures for guidance:

Cast off your stitches until one remains. Place this stitch on your crochet needle.

Loop the yarn around the crochet hook & pass the last stitch over the looped yarn.

Repeat the action above to create “chain stitches”. I created 15 but you can make as many as you like.

Once you have created enough chain stitches push the crochet hook through the last cast off stitch at the top of the pot holder. This will create another stitch. Pass the last chain stitch over this new stitch then remove your crochet hook cut your yarn leaving a decent length tail. Pass your tail through the final stitch & pull to create a knot.

Weave in the tails from the beginning & end of your knitting by threading them in a darning needle & sewing them into the knitted pot holder to conceal.



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