Back To Basics: Book Mark Project

Right now it’s time to start knitting!

This mini project is really easy & will get you started with Casting on & Off as well as knitting the basic knit stitch.

As we will all have different wool to hand this pattern will be a little more vague than others you may have come across.

Start by deciding how big you want your book mark to be.

I wanted mine to be chunky so I have used two strands of wool together & cast on 5 stitches.
You can use the basic thumb cast on method, however when creating a square/rectangular piece you might find you create a straighter edge if you use the chain cast on method. For a reminder of both click here.

Once you have cast on your stitches knit the basic knit stitch/garter stitch (see a reminder here) & continue to knit until you have reached the desired length for your book mark.

Once you are happy with your book marks length cast off your stitches. (Not sure how? Click here.)

Feel free to add decoration.

Book Mark

I used the thumb cast on for this book mark, if I had used the chain cast on method the bottom would have been more straight.


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