Faith: New Wine 2014

Some of you may know that I have been to a Christian Festival for a number of years now called New Wine.
(See I’m back, holiday was fab! for an insight into my experience at last years festival.)

This year B & I have decided not to go & to alternate our holidays from now on which is why I am really excited about this…..

New Wine are live streaming their morning & evening meetings.
I’m not certain whether it’s the whole service or just the talks but I am really excited none the less & had to share it.

If you’ve ever been curious about what New Wine is about now is your chance to find out.

With any luck I have managed to embed the video below.
As it is a live stream the video will only be available when the meetings are taking place.
With any luck New Wine will add them to their YouTube channel for anyone who has missed them.

This years festival started it’s first week on 26th July & this will round up on 1st August, the second week then starts on 3rd August & finishes on 9th.

The approx times each stream will go live are:

Morning Meeting: 9:50am

Evening Meeting: 7:45pm

NB: If the video above doesn’t work please visit this link to view it on the New Wine website.


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