Faith: Amy Grant “It’s Better Not To Know”

"It's Better Not To Know" Lyrics

This song is taken from Amy Grant’s album called “How Mercy Looks From Here” I have found this album so helpful that I will probably share a number of her songs here.

At the end of the album Amy talks about her inspirations for each song & how they came about.

Her story for this song starts when she inherits some money from her grandmother & decides to invest in some fruit trees in her memory.
When the trees arrive they are 2′-3′ long walking sticks with no leaves & a root ball the size of a fist. Amy is disheartened that they don’t look as glorious as the pictures she saw in the catalogue but she & her family plant them anyway.

10 years pass & she describes her life as “derailing”. She has had more children but her marriage is falling apart.
She decides to split up from her husband & move away from the farm which is their family home.

10 years pass again & she has built up a new life.
She hears that the new owners of the farm have pruned the fruit trees & the neighbours have bought bees which have helped the fruit trees immensely.

The new owners contact Amy through an old friend & invite her to see the fruit trees because they are now producing so much fruit.
Amy goes with her friend to the farm & is amazed by what she sees. So many of the trees have fallen down but those that are still standing are strong & full of fruit.

At the end of the commentary Amy says that she is so glad that she did not know how her life was going to pan out. If she had she would not have had the courage to plant the fruit trees in the first place!

I love this song because I’m sure that there are many of us who, if we had known or did know where our lives were heading, would not want to go there.
God takes us to many places, some high & some low all of them are for our strength & growth.

This last year feels like it has been really stressful B & I have been trying to sell our house & we have been through a lot with it especially in the last 7/8 months. (See You’re Blessed)
After finding a house that truly felt it was meant for us & losing it due to our buyers, suffering damage to our flat because of the winter storms & having to take it off the market it has been incredibly testing, tiring & down right miserable at times!

I have felt my faith slip.
It has only been recently that I have been able to look back & try to understand what I have been through & why.
It does not feel like it is over but it does feel calmer.

I have had to accept what I cannot control & trust in God that in the end all will work out as He wants it to.

That is the hard bit, having faith that what God wants is better for me than what I want.

I truly feel like I have been tested & made to grow.

If I had known how these last 12 months were going to pan out I would not have put our house on the market!

This song helps me to give it all to God, stand strong & trust that He will prevail.


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