Faith: Intro

There have been so many times in my life where I have felt that I have strayed from my faith, lost hope & turned my back on God.
Each time I come to this realisation I pick myself up, turn myself around & try to spend more time focusing on re-connecting with Him.

I should imagine that I am not the only Christian to have experienced this!

Faith is hard because by definition there is no proof or hard evidence that the way we are living & what we believe in is the truth.
There are times when it feels like God is walking by our side & times when it feels like He’s a million miles away but no matter how it feels our faith needs to stay strong.

I have shared glimpses of my faith in previous posts: A Prayer For Everyday; What Does Christmas Mean To You?; You’re Blessed; I’m Back, Holiday Was Fab! & as I share more with you about myself in my Where I Stand series I’m beginning to think that I should also start to share more about my faith.

Faith was the one thing I didn’t want to talk about with my therapist.
I don’t feel as though doing this has hindered my progress in my sessions as my faith was not a core problem that needed addressing like other areas of my life.

However, having said that I feel that it is time I stopped being so guarded about what I believe in & stop worrying that other people are judging me because of it.

And so another series has been born, my Faith series.

I won’t be posting as regularly in this series although I have so much I already want to share & discuss!
I shall post every so often & share with you what I feel God is doing in my life.




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