Knitted Blanket – A personal project

I have always wanted a hand knitted blanket on my bed in winter. I have considered buying one but really I wanted one that I had created myself.

The problem with large knitted items such as a bed blanket is that you have to plan in advance. The problem with me is that I only ever remember I want a snuggly bed blanket when I need it!!

This year, however, I have been more proactive. I have decided on a wool that I like & the dimensions of the blanket. I have also thought through how one should go about knitting it up, whether it should be one large piece or split up.

Now that the weather has decided to warm up a bit it does feel strange knitting with such bulky wool but I know that this winter I will be glad to have started the process s early.

I have decided that for ease of storage while I knit it up I will create squares which I will then crochet together to create the right dimensions.

photo 8 50%

My pile of knitted squares so far.

I have chosen to use Sirdar Kiko Super Chunky wool in three different shades of the same wool: a blue, a red & a mix.

It is meant to be knitted with 10mm needles but I have decided to try 12mm. Partly due to the fact that I only had 9mm or 12mm needles to hand & partly because I wanted to see if I could make the wool go further using larger needles.

Squares laid out side by side.

Squares laid out side by side.

I am quite happy with how the squares are turning out considering I’m using needles 2mm bigger than suggested.

The Kiko wool comes in 50g balls, so far I have managed to more or less knit two squares from each ball.

If I have any spare wool left over I have started to knot the lengths together to create a mix ball that (as long as I have enough) I will knit the centre square from.

So far it is going well, I have started off creating squares using garter stitch, stockinette stitch & broken rib.
The squares I am currently knitting up are in stockinette but I am using a pattern which includes YO to create some holes.

photo 2 50%

A sample of the squares knitted so far & the stitches used.

I am hoping to use this blanket to practise some stitches that I have not yet tried. I am currently searching the internet for some inspiration.

If you have a favourite stitch you think I should try then let me know.

I’m not sure how long this project will take me but I am confident that it will be finished by winter.

I will post an update in a few months so you can see how it is progressing.


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