This week I have mainly been………

Potty Training!

Not me personally obviously!

Small has got to the age where he has started to understand when he is going to the loo in his nappy.
It has become hysterical to watch him because of the stance he takes! Bless him, I don’t mean to laugh at him.

Anyway, B & I decided he was at a point where we should give it a try.
I have to say once we had decided to take a week off work to get him started I had a slight panic that I had no idea how to do it! I had a peruse of the internet to get some ideas & found myself a little overwhelmed.
In the end I decided that I liked the good old fashioned idea of a rewards system for Small using his potty. At first I thought about buying loads of stickers & making a chart but I didn’t like the fact that in the end the stickers would be wasted as the chart would be thrown away. I thought about using a sticker book but Small has so many of those it didn’t seem special enough.
In the end I mentioned it to my sister-in-law & she suggested a great reward system: Putting something in a jar & having a treat for having a certain number at the end of the day.

So I grabbed a jar from the kitchen & chose some colourful single Duplo blocks.

Potty Training Blocks

On the first day we told Small that he would get to choose a block & place it in the jar if he managed to use his potty without having an accident in his pants. Once he got 3 blocks in the jar he could have a treat.
He was more excited about this prospect than I thought he would be (good boy!)
At the end of each day we have emptied out the jar, lined up the blocks & he’s counted them out with a big grin on his face. Then we’ve given him lots of praise, placed the blocks back in the bag & started afresh the next day.

He has done so well that with each day we have increased the number of blocks he needs to receive a treat.
On day 6 we’re on 7 blocks & he has started to tell us that he needs to go instead of us having to badger him all day about having a go on his potty.

I’m so proud of him right now. It’s been amazing to see him work this one out & be so proud of himself at getting it right. He’s had his moments (life is too fun to take time out to use the potty) but ultimately he has exceeded my expectations of how quickly he has got to grips with how his body functions & what it feels like.

NB: I’m aware this post is more of a “proud mummy moment” so thank you for bearing with me 🙂

I think I’ve learnt that after scouring the internet for the best way to potty train in the end (as with everything) the best way for someone else’s child isn’t necessarily the best way for yours. Talking first hand with other mum’s who are going through the same thing can be a great way of gathering all the information you really need rather than overwhelming yourself on the internet.


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