A prayer for everyday

Lead me to those I need & to those who need me & let something that I do today have eternal significance.


I first heard this prayer when I was listening to Amy Grant’s Album “How Mercy Looks From Here”.
At the end of the album she talks about her inspirations for each song.
She sings about this prayer in “Greet The Day” & says that her mother-in-law taught it to her.

I am not very good at remembering to pray & I feel guilty that when I do pray it’s usually because I need help with something.
Praying this means I can spend a short amount of time asking for God to help me as well as helping me to help others.
I also love the line about doing something that has eternal significance because it makes me think outside of my own life & time.

I try to pray this every morning because it feels like an important way to start the day, or ‘greet’ it as Amy Grant puts it.

It is such a short & simple prayer but it says everything we need to say.

I hope that by sharing it on here it may help other people to remember to pray each day & to feel a closer, stronger bond with God.


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