Going Nuts Works!

Sorry for the silence since my last post.
There’s a lot on my mind at the moment, especially in the last few days with a visit to the hospital with Small (all is fine now).

Things are also getting a bit exciting here as I am making plans to use my creativity more. One of which is to set up a shop on Etsy & see if my craft & knitting can earn me a bit of money.
I am hoping that this will not impact negatively on my blogging, in fact if my plans work out I may be spending more time blogging & sharing on the internet!

In the mean time, however, my soapnut sample has arrived & I have had a chance to try washing a load with them.

I wanted to try them out on Small’s clothes first as he suffers from patches of eczema & soapnuts have been known to be used as a remedy.
I added 7 half shells to my wash. Normally if you buy a large amount online you also receive a muslin bag to place them in. Because of this I didn’t want to buy one separately just for these initial washes so I used a ‘sock bag’ that I had lying around.

Soapnuts ready to go in the washing machine

Soapnuts ready to go in the washing machine

I did the bag up & popped it in the washing machine adding the clothes on top & then set for my usual cycle.

I was a little anxious that all this would end up being a useless exercise but I kept faith that something must happen as there is quite a large following online so they must work in some way.

As the machine filled up with water & started it’s business I watched in anticipation. Would there be bubbles?

photo 2

Bubbles starting to form

More bubbles

More bubbles

I felt a little silly at the excitment I felt when I saw bubbles starting to form!

Once the cycle had finished I grabbed out the washing to take a look.
It was weird to start with because I’m so used to the smell of soap on clothes when they have been cleaned that my brain found it hard to compute that they had been washed.
My association is that clean clothes should smell of soap. Once you get over that you see that the clothes are lovely & clean & fresh.

The soapnuts can be used up to 3 or 4 times so I have saved them in my little bag for my next wash.

I am excited to use them as I would rather use something that is natural, the fact that it could save us money in the long run is also a bonus!!

I  received 14 half shells which will hopefully give me up to 8 washes which isn’t bad considering the online shop I got them from only asked me to pay for the 90p postage.

I will keep you informed should I change my mind but at the moment I am really happy I have come across these little nuts.

I’m now wondering what other natural things I can find that can be used around the house!


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