Going nuts…….

In a bid to try & save money & be a bit more environmentally friendly I have been looking into making my own soaps & household cleaners.

One of the boards I follow on Pinterest (Small Bird Studios) posted about Soapnuts. I was intrigued so looked into it a bit more.

Soapnuts & wash bag

Image taken from http://www.soapnuts.co.uk

A lot of people use these little nuts instead of detergent in their washing machines.
They are cheaper than using detergent, better for the environment & can be more gentle on our skin.
Pop 5-7 nuts in a muslin bag, place the bag in a glass of warm water for 3 minutes to release the soap (optional), load the washing machine as normal & place the muslin bag on top & wash as usual.
Once the washing is finished take out the bag of soapnuts & let them dry. They can be used up to 3-4 more times.
Once they start to break up in the bag it is time to compost them & use new ones.


Image taken from http://www.soapnuts.co.uk

Small suffers from eczema in some areas so I try to make sure that the detergent I use is sensitive so as not to irritate his skin.
Soapnuts are used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat eczema & psoriasis so would be perfect to use to wash Smalls clothes.

Before buying them in bulk I am in the process of getting a sample to try just to make sure they are right for us.
I am excited to find out, I hope that they do work well for us as it would be great to find something so natural to clean our clothes & save some money in the process.

I am also looking forward to looking into the shampoos & soaps that can also be made using soapnuts as I have been meaning to look into making my own hand soap.

Image of  Ayurvedic Soapnut Shampoo Bar taken from www.soapnuts.co.uk

Image of Ayurvedic Soapnut Shampoo Bar taken from http://www.soapnuts.co.uk

Perhaps a little sad be get excited about these things….clearly I live a sheltered life!!

I will keep you updated once I have used them in a few washes & let you know if I do get around to making my own soap.


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  1. Sounds good.

    Can I get these posts to appear in Facebook rather than email?

    Mum x

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