Knitting: Cuffs

My father-in-law requested that for his Christmas present I knit him a pair of cuffs.

Cuffs are not that hard to make as you are effectively knitting a tube, however, I didn’t have circular or double pointed needles that were the right size for my wool so I knitted them flat & sewed them together.

Because the cuff is a simple design I wanted to give it some texture with the stitch I used.
I have recently learnt how to create a “broken rib” stitch which creates a flat rib on one side & a lovely ‘knotted’ bump on the other.
Having a different texture on each side means that it can be worn which ever way the wearer decides.

I created a quick pattern to get the correct size for my father-in-law & got knitting.
I’m really pleased with how they have turned out.
I love the fact that the broken rib stitch makes the wool seem thicker than it is making them cosy to wear.

Cuff 2


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