Knitting: A Winter Hat Part Two

In a previous post I shared my experience knitting myself a winter hat.

I love my hat so much that I was inspired to knit more for my friends for Christmas.

I used the same pattern as I did for my hat. (Though this time made sure it was the right size!!)
However as I didn’t have the correct needle size in a circular needle I made the hats flat & sewed them up.

Because I was now left with a visible seam I wanted to decorate them in a way that would make it less obvious.
So once I had knitted the hats I grabbed my button stash. I chose a lot of buttons for each hat & sewed them on over the seam.

If you look close enough you can see the seam is there but I love the amount of buttons on each hat.
I might have to make myself one as well!!



2 thoughts on “Knitting: A Winter Hat Part Two

  1. Mmmmm knitting & buttons two of my favourite things, what a wonderful way of combining the two, fantastic project 🙂

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