What does Christmas mean to you?

There has been a lot of talk about the true meaning of Christmas being lost over the years.

As a Christian I celebrate Jesus’ birth at Christmas & because I am surrounded by people who do the same I haven’t experienced the “loss” of Christmas’ true meaning.
But as I sit & write this I am aware that this world is made up of many faiths & beliefs & although Christmas may be a time for Christians to remember a very special birth what does Christmas mean to others?

I have to be honest & say that I am horrified when I see people out shopping on Boxing Day, but for some grabbing a bargain in the Christmas sale is all Christmas is good for!

As well as the Christian aspect of Christmas, the true meaning for me also includes spending time with my family & being thankful for what I have.
Family is very important to me & it has been a long standing tradition in my family that Christmas & Boxing Day are spent with each other.
As our family has grown so much we have limited how much we spend on each other which means that a lot of us make our gifts or have fun hunting for them in charity shops.
It’s funny how spending less on each other has made the gifts we give more personal.

This year I have spent very little time in the high street as I have spent most weekends packing or planning our move. (Which is now not happening! See post.) I have not been exposed to the chaos of Christmas shopping, the chirpy Christmas music, the endless rows of products (that to be quite honest none of us need).
In fact on the odd occasion that I have found myself amongst all this I have felt quite nauseous!!

I know full well that I have an idealised view of Christmas but I’d rather be surrounded by my family & not have a single present than to have all the gifts in the world & be by myself.
Making time for the people you love is a gift worth giving at any time of year.

Reading this back I know I’m starting to sound a little cliche so I’m going to stop!
I’d love to know what traditions are held by other families across the world at Christmas time so if you are happy to share them here I would love to read them.


Image taken from smallbirdstudios.com


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