Knitting: Toddler Jumper

I wanted to knit Small a jumper for Christmas a) because he needs some bigger jumpers as he’s had a bit of a growth spurt & b) because I haven’t knitted him a jumper for a while & I love the feeling of him wearing something that I had made him.

The pattern I used was taken from a book that I bought when I started to teach myself knitting called “Learn To Knit”

Learn To Knit

When I made Small his first jumper from this pattern I had to improvise as the smallest size was 3-4 years. I managed with the body but completely forgot to make the sleeves shorter so they had to be rolled up once I’d sewn it all together as they were far to long!!

This time he is big enough to fit into the smallest size shown on the pattern so I could just follow what was written.
The pattern assumes that the same wool is used throughout but it is easy enough to create colour designs as the pattern is quite basic.

For Small’s jumper I decided to make the ribbed areas at the bottom of the body, cuffs & neck green with the rest of the body & arms navy blue except for some green stripes across the chest.

It took me a lot longer than the first little jumper I made but I am really pleased with it.
I love the colours, I think the green really pops out.

I hope he likes it when he unwraps it for Christmas.

Toddler Jumper


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