Homemade Christmas Cards

This year I wanted to make our Christmas Cards.
I did my usual & searched the internet for inspiration.
I came across these images:

Xmas Card

I printed them off & decided I wanted to use the Christmas Tree image for my cards.
The tree was a bit small for the cards I was using (a pack of brown cards from Hobbycraft) so I enlarged the image using a photocopier.

Once I had the image at the right size I go together my white, green & black wool, a darning needle & some foam.

How to:

* Place the card on the foam, then position the image you’re using (in this case the christmas tree) onto the card.

* Push the needle through the card where the points are shown on the image.

* Sew through the holes with the wool to create the image. (In my case I started with the white for the star, changed to green for the tree & ended with the black trunk/pot)

Xmas Card 1

Xmas Card


2 thoughts on “Homemade Christmas Cards

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