Making Christmas Decorations

The other night I went with my mum to a craft evening at her local church.
She had invited me because once we move it will be my local church too & she thought it would be a great way to meet some people in the community that I soon hope to be a part of.

It was a wonderful night & not just because it was a woman only evening with puddings & wine!!
There were numerous tables laid out in the hall each with a different craft on them. We could choose which crafts we carried out & move around as & when we wanted.

My first craft material was clay. We had various cutters & printing materials to create decorations with.
I made a Christmas tree, two hearts: one with the word “LOVE” printed across the middle & another printed with a wet doily, as well as a lot of little stars.
We made holes in each of our decorations with a straw so (once they are dry) they can be hung up with ribbon.
Once I got these home I turned them once a day until they were dry.

Clay Decorations

My next craft material was felt. On this table there were various pieces of coloured felt & lots of circular items. The idea was to draw & cut out different sized circle of felt to make a Christmas tree shaped decoration.
As I was putting my colours together I was sure it wouldn’t look that good but once I had sewn it together, adding a trunk & a star I realised it wasn’t half bad.
Once it was hung up & I could view it from the side, seeing all the different colours used it looked much better than from the top. (Which was the view I had held while I was making it.)

Felt Xmas Tree

After all that crafting, eating pudding & chatting I realised that the time had flown by!!
It was such great fun to spend time with my mum as well as getting to know some new people that I hope to meet again.


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