Christmas is packed!

So while everyone is getting into the spirit of Christmas we’re packing everything up & getting ready to move.

Christmas is currently packed away too, we didn’t want to decorate if we’re going to have to take it all down again before Christmas arrives.
This obviously makes sense but it’s left me (& B, I think) feeling a little left out of the Christmas buzz.
We are getting presents sorted & thinking about sending out our cards but it doesn’t seem real this year.

We hope that we will have moved before Christmas so we can welcome our new home by decorating it & enjoying this years festivities amongst our boxed up belongings & numerous flat packed pieces of furniture begging to be put back together.

In my mind it would be a major disappointment not to spend this Christmas & New Year in our new home.
Moving is such a major event, it really feels like the beginning of a new chapter for me & my family so it would mean a lot to be able to start next year in our new home.

The thought of not being in for Christmas is making me quite anxious. (A stress I don’t really need!)
I know that everyone involved is working hard & pushing for the move to be as soon as possible. I just need to let go & let it happen when it happens. (Not easy for a control freak like me!)

At least we have begun packing & moving our stuff into storage. This is helping me to feel a little more in control even if I’m not.

In the mean time I am frantically making Christmas presents & cards in between the anxiety of planning the move.

This Christmas will be a good one regardless of where we are, I just need to remember that!


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