The people we hold high as heroes can only disappoint us, after all they’re only human.

Today I was saddened to hear that Ian Watkins of Lost Prophets fame has changed his plea at the last minute to guilty.

While I can only be thankful that another paedophile has been called to answer for his crimes I am deeply disappointed that someone that I was a fan of could be such a vile human being.

I do not hold many celebrities as role models in my life, in fact Ian Watkins wasn’t one of them, but I had met him in the early days of Lost Prophets.
I went to see them a long time ago at The Forum in Tunbridge Wells, I have always remembered it as one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to (not that there have been many to choose from!)
The atmosphere was buzzing, the venue was packed & everyone was loving the music.
The best part of it being such a small venue was that once it was over you could meet the band afterwards.


I bought their album that night (an original they changed for it’s general release) & I didn’t stop playing it for months.
I loved their sound & thought they were brilliant.

I have to admit that as they became steadily more famous I was one of the original fans who felt that they ‘sold out’ changing their sound for the industry but they have always held a special place in my mind.
It is so sad for the rest of the band that they now feel they can no longer carry on as The Lost Prophets due Ian’s behaviour but it is probably for the best.
I hope that they find other ways to create the music they love.

My hope for Ian is that he realises what he has done & can start to change.


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