Charity Shop Finds

I’m sorry if this seems to be a duplicate blog but although I remember writing this I don’t remember posting it & it seems to have gone missing from my drafts!!

Apologies if you have read this already…….

I’ve never been one for rummaging through charity shops finding lost & forgotten gems. I have always been a little jealous that my mum has the time & patience to find clothes in charity shops that look like she’s bought them new yet they only cost her a few pounds each. When Small was born I found myself getting cabin fever being in the house all the time so we ventured out most days & I thought I would use my time to explore my local charity shops.
I am yet to find the amount of treasures my mum finds but I am slowly building up a collection.
Recently I found a Pantiles Pottery jug for £2 & a gorgeous glass bottle for 50p!
Charity Shop Finds

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