Boating to Bodiam

I had a very middle class/famous five moment a few weekends ago.

It was my Aunt’s birthday & she had arranged for us all to go on a boat trip to Bodiam from Newenden.

The weather wasn’t as great as it could be but it was mostly dry, 16 of the family clambered into the boat & we set off.

Cleverly we had left a car at Bodiam with all our bits in for a picnic so we didn’t have to balance that in the boat with us.

The trip down the river was pleasant & would be glorious on a warm sunny day. (I’m very tempted to go back during the summer next year.)

We saw a few Herons & a Kestrel.

Bodiam Boat Trip

Once we arrived at Bodiam we set up the picnic.
We had a gazebo under which went a long foldable table (with table cloth) & enough food to feed a small army!

Ham, potato salad, cheeses, french stick, salmon mousse, sausage rolls & more.

We all huddled around the gazebo on picnic blankets.

Once firsts had been consumed out came berries, yoghurt & meringues!!

After lunch a short game of cricket started up, then a walk around the castle & before we knew it we were back on the boat for Newenden again.

We had a brilliant time all be it cold & windy.

The boat trip was definitely worth another visit.

Danny Lee Boat

Image taken from where you can book a trip


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