Film: The Amazing Spider-Man


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So B had added “The Amazing Spiderman” to our Lovefilm list.

I wasn’t over the moon when it arrived as our next rental.
I’ve seen the previous spiderman films & they were ok but I wasn’t looking forward to effectively watching the same story I’ve seen before.
I had my knitting ready to start while we were watching the film.
As the disc went in I cast on my sts & started to knit the first row but that’s about as far as I got.

The story was a little darker than the previous films. The cast were brilliantly chosen, I love Sally Field & she played Aunt May very well.

If, like me, you have seen the previous films, the cartoons and/or read the comics you may feel a little spidermanned out.
But trust me this film re-invents spiderman, it works well & doesn’t feel like you are watching the same film yet again.

I’m excited for the sequel due next year.

A re-invention of a well known story.
Do not miss it!

4.5 Hearts


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