Knitting: The Innocent Big Knit

I was walking past my local Age UK charity shop the other day & I noticed a poster in their window promoting knitting tiny hats for innocent smoothies & raising money for charity.

I popped in & grabbed a leaflet.

I have noticed these little hats before on smoothies but never really known their purpose.

I was delighted to find out that a) I could help to make some & b) they raised money for charity.

So as these hats are so tiny I challenge you to pick up some knitting needles, some wool & join me in making a hat (or two) for charity.

Innocent Big Knit 25p

More info can be found at or for more information about Age UK visit their website

If you fancy having a go here is the basic pattern:

A4_Knitting patterns.indd

Click this image to read the pattern


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