I’m a Grand Theft Auto V widow, but it’s ok.

So, some of you will be more than too aware that GTA V is out today.
Some of you may be looking forward to playing it (like B) & some of you may be getting ready for the lack of communication from your other half as they wrestle to hijack cars, ferry drugs about, pick up prostitutes etc etc (& yes this is all in the game, I am not commenting on any lifestyle choices!!)

It tends to be around these types of game releases that the good old “violent games produce violent behaviours” argument rears it’s ugly head.

I do not have a problem with B playing these types of games, he is a grown man & knows the difference between the real world & a computer game.
Because we live in a 1 bed flat once Small is in bed we only have the living room to go about our evening in. B likes to play games & I love to knit, so many evenings are spent with B playing his Xbox 360 with me watching the game while I knit up my next creation.
I admit I don’t get as engrossed in the games as B does, but I do enjoy watching the story lines unfold as he plays.

A lot of the games that B plays are certified 15 or 18 therefor they are not played when Small is about to see.
This is something I feel strongly about. The whole point of a certified age is so people are aware of what they are getting with each game.

Violent games do not, in my opinion, result in violent behaviour when played by the appropriate age group.
However, young children are not ready to see everything the world has to offer. They may become traumatised, find it difficult to understand what is real & what is fiction or become desensitised to violence & trauma.

In my view it is the responsibility of the parent to make sure their children are not exposed to games they are not supposed to be playing.

In August this year a boy in America shot his grandmother in the back of the head after playing Grand Theft Auto IV.
A link was made by the press (predictably) between this violent act & the game.
No mention was made of the fact that this game is an 18 certificate, that the boy should never have been allowed to play it or, to be blunt, allowed anywhere near a gun in the first place (but I guess that’s another debate for another day!).

My point in short is that these games do have a place in our society in the hands of well balanced adults for whom they are made. It would be a shame if they were banned due to irresponsible adults allowing young children to be exposed to these games effecting their behaviour & wellbeing!

Right, now that’s off my chest I’m off to continue knitting……………

Back to knitting


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