Harry Potter: Studio Tour

HP Entrance

B is a fan of Harry Potter whereas I am indifferent.

For Christmas last year I bought him tickets to go on the Harry Potter Studio Tour.
He insisted that I must watch all the films before we go so I have. I hate to say it but I haven’t despised watching them, as they became darker they became more my kind of film.

Anyway, it wasn’t a horrifying experience & it was nice to watch a film with B.

So on a soggy Sunday minus Small (who was with his Nanny & Grandad) we found ourselves in Watford ready to see behind the magic.

HP Great Hall Door

I expected to not be as excited as the hundreds of children (& adults) who were going round with us & I wasn’t BUT as a lover of film I found the experience very interesting & it was great to be able to see so much from the films.

It was also lovely to spend time with B doing something together that we both enjoyed & not missing anything through making sure Small was ok.
It’s funny how you miss stuff like that once a child comes along but I hadn’t realised I missed it until I had an opportunity to give something my full attention!

Seeing all the sets, costumes, props & technical drawings from the film was brilliant. I really enjoy seeing behind the scenes of things & discovering how they are created & this tour doesn’t scrimp. You even see technical drawings & models showing how the sets were designed. You are shown every aspect of making the film.
If I enjoyed it this tour must be amazing for those who are true fans of Harry Potter!

HP Technical Drawing

The wow factor for me was part way through the tour. We were walking through a corridor to another room & were confronted with a giant model of Hogwarts. It was 35′ high & took my breathe away.
The detail was amazing & the light in the room changed from “day” to “night” giving the tiny lights on the model an opportunity to shine out.

HP Model

I would definitely recommend the Harry Potter Studio Tour regardless of whether you are a fan or not. The insight you are given behind the scenes means you feel like you are sharing in a bit of magic.

We didn’t take Small because we thought he was a little young to spend so much time in one place without getting bored & restless, but I would certainly describe the tour as family friendly.
I think as a child you would probably get even more out of it!


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