My Knitting Pile (or should that be knitted pile…?)

I have been having a whale of a time of late knitting for a friend of mine.
It’s always nice to knit for someone else & although I do tend to be knitting presents for other people it’s nice to be asked by someone to knit a whole load of stuff for them.

All the items have been for children, mainly hats & pods for them so they have been relatively quick to make which has meant a bit of variation in my knitting rather than being stuck on a large project.

I love knitting so much that I have even looked into doing it for a living but with the cost of wool & the time it takes to knit anything decent I’d have to charge a ridiculous amount per item which I doubt anyone would pay.

It’s a shame but I guess it’s for the best, I wouldn’t want knitting to become a laborious task that I have to do in order to make a living.
It’s nice to enjoy it as a hobby & if it makes me a little extra cash from time to time then that’s all the better!!

The knitting knitted pile

The knitting knitted pile


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