I walked into Asda with Small after work last week & was delighted to see that they had allowed Nourish (a local Food Bank) to have a table at the entrance asking people to buy & donate an extra item of food from their shopping.

I have heard of Nourish before & have wanted to help by donating food but I haven’t been sure how to. With life flashing by extra fast lately I haven’t found the time to even research how to help out.

Having the table at the entrance of Asda made me stop for 2 minutes & have a chat with a lovely lady about what they need donations wise & volunteer wise.
She also pointed out that they have a website ( for people to visit should they be interested in donating, volunteering or just learning more about what Nourish does.

Olga Johnson the chairman of Nourish says:

“Nourish continues to respond to the increasing demand for food from hard pressed families & individuals & since Christmas we have distributed almost 3 tons of food. We now have over 30 brilliant volunteers helping us to support people in Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge & Crowborough with plans to expand to other areas.”

Quote taken from the Nourish Newsletter SUMMER 2013.

When it comes to poverty & hunger our attention is often drawn to countries like Africa but we should be reminded that often there are people much closer to home that we should also be helping.
It’s easy to buy a few extra items in our weekly/monthly big shops that can be donated & it needn’t cost us a fortune.
It is our responsibility as a community to help those who need it.

Nourish have a drop of point at the YMCA Warehouse on Good Station Road in Tunbridge Wells which is open 9:00am – 4:30pm Mon to Sat. If you are not able to get there they do also offer a collection service which can be arranged by calling them on 01892 710611.


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