Book: Charlotte Street by Danny Wallace

Charlotte Street

I haven’t read any of Danny Wallace’s books before, although I have seen “Yes man” (but I don’t know how like his book it is).

I couldn’t help seeing the main character in Charlotte Street as Danny. The book is written from a guys perspective. His name is Jason & he has aspirations of what his life could be he just hasn’t put any of them into action. Not even vaguely!

Jason is out in London one night & helps a woman with her bags as she struggles to get into a taxi. As the taxi drives off he realises he is still holding onto something of hers…..a disposable camera.

Jason finds himself mesmerised by this woman, who’s name he does not know & he is faced with a question.

Should he develop the photos?

As the story unfolds you learn more about Jason’s life & his personality (although this is only when & if he decides to tell you!).

The mystery of the woman who’s camera is now in his possession is an intriguing one & you will Jason on through the story to find out who she might be.

I wouldn’t say that this book is an instant page turner but it grows on you as the mystery unfolds & you discover more about Jason.

As the front cover of the book puts it “A heartwarming everyday tale of boy stalks girl.”

A book about good intentions, pushing one’s boundaries & mystery.


One thought on “Book: Charlotte Street by Danny Wallace

  1. I’ve read most of his other books but not this one, it sounds like a light summer read… I’ll have to give it a go 🙂

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