Knitting: Baby Booties

A few weekends ago B, Small & I travelled up to Milton Keynes to visit family.
It was an annual gathering of B’s side of the family & a chance for us to meet his cousin’s baby.

We knew she would be there before we arrived & I had wanted to give them a gift that would be practical but also personal.
I turned to my trusty, found a free bootie pattern & got knitting.

The result were these beautiful little booties. Baby Booties

No sooner had I put this image up on Facebook & Twitter I was inundated had three requests for a pair.
One for a baby & two for grown adults! I had to laugh, they do look comfy.

I have said yes of course to the baby sized pair. I think I will have to investigate how to convert the pattern to adult size feet.

I used wool that I had to hand which would normally be knitted on 4mm needles & used 2 3/4mm needles instead.
This meant the wool had a slightly stiffer quality which leant itself to the booties as it meant the kept their shape well.
This is something that is suggested in the pattern.
Should you be interested here is the pattern.

Booties in blue

I have finished the pair requested for a baby.


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