Photography: My love for Brighton

Brighton Buildings Triptic

I do love Brighton.

There is something about being by the sea that is freeing.
All my stresses seem to evaporate at the seaside.

B & I have visited Brighton so many times now since we first met, it feels like our second home. (How I would LOVE to live there!!)

We have visited since having Small & thoroughly enjoyed ourselves eating ice cream & shopping.
Our favourite place to eat in Brighton at the moment is JB’s Diner.

Tom at JB's

I do miss the days when B & I would take our cameras & spend the day being arty. Maybe we should try again with Small, I wonder if that would work?!

Since starting this blog I have reconnected with my creative side & have been reminiscing our photography days.
I think I miss them.

So to get my creative photography juices flowing I wanted to share some of my favourite photos that I have taken in Brighton (& possibly played around with on Photoshop!)


























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