Book: The Return By Victoria Hyslop

It would seem that I might be the last person to start reading Victoria Hyslop’s novels. But in case I am not I thought I would post a review as I absolutely loved The Return.

The Return

The Return is the first book of Victoria Hyslop’s that I have read but it was so good I have already bought The Island to add to my reading pile. The Island is Victoria’s first novel, however, I was given The Return by a friend which is why I have started with it.

In The Return we follow two stories. The first is that of Sonia Cameron, she is unhappy with her life & discovers a love of dancing which she shares with her friend. They both head out to Spain to take dancing lessons & it is in one of the Spanish cafes that she uncovers a secret about her family’s past.
The second story is set in 1936 following the Ramirez family & describes Spain’s brutal history surrounding the civil war.

I have to be honest, if someone had told me that the majority of the book would be about the history of the Spanish civil war I wouldn’t have picked it up. I’m glad that no one told me.

I become so engrossed with the Ramirez family & their struggle through the civil war, that at times I felt like I was there watching over their shoulders.

Mercedes Ramirez’s passion for dance reflects that of Sonia’s in the present storyline & brings the whole book together.

I would definitely recommend this book, it did not take long for me to ‘get into’ it & it felt like an easy read as the story was so interesting. I felt so invested in the characters that I needed to know what was going to happen next & I it was a struggle to put it down!

A tale of strength, self discovery, romance & passion.


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